Campaign API

The campaign API allows you to make changes to a campaign programmatically.

Campaign scope endpoint:

The campaign API base URL is and requires authentication using the API key. Learn more about authentication.

All scope endpoints

Req. Type
Link to detail
List all campaigns
Add prospect to campaign
Remove prospect from campaign

How to find the campaign ID for making API calls:

There are 2 ways to find the campaign ID of any given campaign.
  • Make an API call to get all campaigns. The campaign ID is available in the API response.
  • Copy it from the campaign analytics URL on your dashboard, as shown below:

List all campaigns

The list all campaigns endpoint allows you to get the list of all campaigns on a particular account using the GET request.
Get the list of all campaigns on an account.

Add prospect to campaign:

This operation adds a prospect to an active or completed campaign. If the prospect doesn't already exist, the prospect is automatically created and added to the campaign.
This does not include draft campaigns or campaigns with errors.
Add a prospect is a campaign
The prospect object required in the request body should contain the details about the prospect to add to the campaign. Only the email field is required. Every other field is optional.
"campaignId": "campaign-demo-second-nb1pnyf",
"prospect": {
"email": "[email protected]",
"firstName": "James",
"lastName": "Dan",
"otherAttribute": {
"city": "LA",
"sportClub": "Barcelona"
The otherAttribute field is where you added other attributes about the prospect for personalizing email contents.

Remove prospect from campaign:

This operation removes a prospect from a campaign, effectively marking them as having completed the campaign.
The prospect object required in the request body only requires an email field, as in below:
"campaignId": "campaign-demo-second-nb1pnyf",
"prospect": {
"email": "[email protected]"


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