Email Signature - How to Set and Use Sender Variables

Guide on How to Set and Use Mailbox Variables

Sender personalization can be used to create email signatures in email copies.

a) How to Set Sender Variables

To set sender variables for a particular mailbox,

  • Head to 'Email accounts' and click on the 3 dots on the right of the mailbox.

  • In the dropdown, select 'Mailbox variables'.

  • On the page that opens, you can enter various key/value pairs for your sender account. Click on the '+' button to add more variables, as seen below:

b) How to Use Sender Variables

To insert and use sender variables in emails:

  • Place the cursor where you would like to insert the sender variable, then click the sender variable icon at the top of the editor. This will provide you with the sender variable tool, where you can then enter the key of the variable you want to use, and it's fallback value:

By entering the key of the variable, the value will be displayed in the final email that reaches your recipient.

Note: The term 'fallback', as seen in the mailbox variable tag, is meant to be replaced with content that can serve as an alternative to the value if the latter is not found or something goes wrong. For example;

If we enter; [[title , Building]] at GuideHQ

We will get results like; CEO at GuideHQ.

However, if it cannot find the value of title, it will display; Building at GuideHQ

Note: The word 'fallback' is auto-deleted if not replaced with a meaningful alternative. It's advisable always to include a fallback value.

You can enter as many variables as you set for your mailbox:

Here is what the resulting email will look like in your prospect's inbox:

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