How to Use Spintax in Cold Email

Guide on How to Use Spintax in Email Campaigns on ClosersHQ

If you are unfamiliar with spintax cold email; its meaning and usage, you can start by reading this article: How to Use Spintax in Your Next Cold Email to Maximize Your Chances of Getting a Response

Here's how to insert and use spintax in your campaigns on ClosersHQ:

  • When crafting your email copy in 'Email campaigns', place the cursor where you would love to use spintax, then click on the Spintax icon as shown below:

  • After inserting the spintax tool, you can enter words or even sentences on both sides of the stroke. Like this:

I hope you are doing { good | great } today.

This sentence will therefore have two possible outcomes;

I hope you are doing good today; and

I hope you are doing great today.

Of course, you can use more than two alternatives when using spintax. You can have more:

I hope you are doing {good | great | fine} today; or

I hope you are doing {good | great | fine | very well} today.

You can use the spintax tool multiple times within the same email campaign to increase the chances of sending unique content to each recipient, eliminating the possibility of being marked as spam. Below is a small example:

As shown above, the 'Preview' feature on ClosersHQ allows you to foresee what your email will look like in each prospect's inbox. By clicking on this tool and selecting any of the prospects on the list, we can get the following results:

As you can see in the previews, the content of your email will be unique for each recipient.

You can use a greater complexity and mix of spintax to obtain even more content combinations. Spintax cold email is bound to generate better results than sending out an exact same email copy to all your recipients.

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