SendGrid Configuration

Steps on How to Configure SendGrid SMTP for Email Warm up.

SendGrid has a pretty straightforward and standard SMTP configuration.







Server | Host

Yes, you have to enter the keyword "apikey" literally as the username. But you will need to create an API Key to use as the password.

Here is how to create an API key to use as the password for SendGrid:

Go to

Enter a name for your API key; this could be anything. It is just for your identification. Click "Create key". An API key will be generated.

Once you have the API key, enter it as the password for your SendGrid SMTP setup at You are all set! 🎉

The likes of AWS SES, SendGrid, and SendinBlue do not provide IMAP. So you will need the IMAP of another mail provider like Google, Zoho, AWS Workmail, etc. A general rule is to use the IMAP of where you receive replies to your emails, but we place no restrictions on this. You can use whatever IMAP you prefer.

If you experience any troubles, don't hesitate to contact us on chat support or email us at

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