How to Edit Unsubscribe Text

Steps on How to Change Unsubscribe Text

The unsubscribe option allows your prospects to opt out of your email campaigns, and may be a legal requirement in certain regions. The default unsubscribe text is "unsubscribe now", and you can choose whether or not to include this in your emails just before launching your campaigns. - Editing of the unsubscribe text is done at the mailbox level. To do that, head over to 'Email accounts',

-Then click on the three dots to the right of the mailbox and select 'Unsubscribe text':

-Enter your preferred text and click on 'Save changes'


  • This change only applies to the mailbox in question. You may want to repeat these steps for all connected email accounts.

  • The unsubscribe link associated with the unsubscribe text is not editable.

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