How to Configure Mailbox Warming Pattern

Guide on How to Configure Email Warmup Properties for Each Mailbox!

To configure warmup for a mailbox,

Head over to 'Email accounts';

Next, click on the 3 dots on the right of the mailbox in question;

A dropdown will appear. Select 'Configure warming' as shown below:

On the form that opens, adjust the configuration details and save:

Note: There are three main parameters to configure here. They include:

  • Max. send per day: This is the maximum number of warmup emails your account will send daily, when it's at its optimum. The default value here is 40, but you can increase it to a maximum of 50.

  • Increase per day: This is the daily increment in sending volumes. The default value is 2, but you can increase it to a maximum of 4.

When the value is 2, for example, and the max. send per day is 40; warming will start with 2 emails sent on the first day, 4 emails on the second day, and 6 on the third. Warmup volume will increase by 2 emails per day until a max of 40 is reached, then maintained.

  • Reply rate: This is the proportion of incoming warming emails that will be automatically replied to, on your behalf. The default value is 30%, but you can set it to a maximum of 45%.

If unsure what to set, you can allow warming with the default parameter values. However, if you want your mailbox to warm up faster, you can set the daily increase to 4, max. sending volume to 50 and reply rate to 40 or 45%.

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