How to Create and Use Personalization in Emails

Guide on How to Import and Use Email Personalization Tags

  • Personalization tags are imported as columns in your mailing list.

  • When importing your mailing list on ClosersHQ, match your personalization columns to their tag names, as shown below.

Select 'Custom field' if the tag name you desire to use is not on the list. In this case, the tag name will equal that column's header on your list.

If you do not desire to use a certain column in this campaign, select 'Ignore column' in the dropdown menu.

  • To use personalization in emails, place the cursor where you would like to insert the personalization tag, then click the personalization icon as shown below (Do note that on ClosersHQ, you can use personalization even in the subject lines):

As seen in both the email subject and email body, inserting personalization tags appear as this:

{{First name, fallback}}

The term 'fallback' in any personalization tag is meant to be replaced with a value that can serve as an alternative to the personalizing word if the latter is not found or something goes wrong. For example;

If we enter; Hello {{First name, dear friend}}!

We will get results like Hello Pat!, Hello Ray!, etc.

However, if it comes across a prospect with no first name, it will display; Hello dear friend!

Note: The word 'fallback' is auto-deleted if not replaced with a meaningful alternative.

You can use as many personalization tags as possible and anywhere in your email copy.

A good mix of personalization and spintax can help you create outstanding emails that will captivate your audience, as illustrated below:

The Email Preview Feature highlighted above helps you foresee what the email copy will look like in your recipient's mailbox. After clicking the preview icon and selecting any of the prospects on your mailing list, you will see a resulting sample of your email as shown below:

If you experience any troubles, don't hesitate to contact us on chat support or email us at

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