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Overall Flow to Create & Launch a Campaign

Before creating your campaign, do ensure that you have added at least a sender account that will be used to send out the campaigns.

The email campaign allows you to create a cold email sequence that can run for weeks, and includes video emails, text emails, image emails, delays, and follow-ups.

The first step in creating an email campaign is to upload or select a mailing list.

The most important thing to understand is that each action is considered a step in the drip campaign. And to create a drip campaign, you have a few drip steps available to create an email sequence:


There can only be one such step in each cold email campaign. This is where you configure the schedule for your cold email sequence. Here, you can select your campaign time zone and when it should start and end.


The email step is where the actual email copy is created; you have the option to use special tags like spintax, merge tags and sender variables. All of these are used to further personalize the email copy at scale.


Delay is where you configure the wait time for each step before the next step in the campaign.


The conditionals allow you to alternate the path of the recipients based on an action they took.

In the next step, select a sender account for your campaign. Here, you can make use of sender rotation by adding multiple sender accounts. This is especially useful if you send high volumes and prevents a single mailbox from taking the entire hit. Inbox rotation is one of the most important features for improving email deliverability.

Campaign active days:

You can set the days to send emails by clicking the highlighted icon above. For each day selected, you can equally choose the time of the day for which your campaigns will run, as shown below:

In the last step, you can choose whether or not to:

  • Stop sending to prospects on reply;

  • Add option to unsubscribe;

  • Not send to emails that returned as 'invalid' during list validation; and

  • Track open and reply rates.

At this stage, you're all set to launch your campaign.

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